And the most

And the mostHowever, it convenient, affective, the child is afraid all the ridiculous.

But will begin to laugh and that it about everything govo also that is going not to play mother in the future carat you not to drink vodka, not to go to a brothel.

And parents do of fear of all ridiculous not lepy mistakes.

And the most harmful mistake hide poro the child and omission in its education; the child totime till time represents before guests for the generouspayment well brought up, and then revenges.

The native language is not purposely picked up for rebenka of a rule of l of a moral, and air, which dyboard his soul on a level with soul of all people.

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It starts

It starts His speech strikingly differs from speechcontemporaries and how he talked absolutelyrecently.

It starts to strike parentsmind, memory, ingenuity, creativevein.

The kid starts to develop earlier, thancould, if with it anybody was engaged in nothing.

Itit is possible to call early development of the child.

Problem in that classic teachers lag behind fromin terms of the beginning of training and children begin innovatorsto study just during this period, when brain growth alreadyit is finished about years.

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Classification In the course of occupations the dictionary of children is enriched with exact names of subjects and their qualities a material, a form, the size, color.

In conversations about signs and qualities of subjects reception of comparison of subjects of the same category is valuable.

Ability to compare various and similar subjects to allocate in them essential signs important for formation of process of generalization.

Especially it is necessary to consider the use by children of this age of generalizing words.

Classification of animals on wild and house, ware on table and tea can cause difficulty.

To help them to understand it, it is possible to use various lottos or figures of animals which you will distribute together whom in the wood whom on a farmyard or in hen house.

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Them many very. The onions

Them many very. The onions I see from a window any flower red, still camomiles.

Them many very.

The onions blossom.

Now how we went home on giving from Moscow.

We took with ourselves cartridges, the father took animated films in cartridges.

There were gray clouds, on the street was late.

It is bad, when late, because the animated film any more you will look.

When we arrived, us Masha with the grandmother met, then we went to a shower, and after a shower to sleep.

In the morning we got up early, it was necessary in church with the grandmother to go.

We arrived to church and began to pray, then we were given a participle and to prosfor the big.

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For example

For exampleIt is thus especially important, that trainingand itself perceived as being trained, consideredindividual rhythm of other children, tried to understandeach of them.

For example the child usesspecial mathematical material not for occupationsmathematics, and for measurement or builds of itcars, etc.

In this case the head shouldto accept such development as well as other children.

The prepared environment.

It is the major elementMontessori's pedagogics.

The prepared environment givesto the child possibility gradually, step by step MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONto be released from guardianship of the adult, to become independent.

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